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Live near the sea but currents are too much?

13th June 2022:

Carol is a lovely lady that lives 50 yards from the beach! Living the dream…

Every day she goes for a swim in the morning and one later in the day, EVERY DAY!

Loves the open water swimming…

Loves being with nature…

Loves the health benefits…

Big problem though, the waves have got too much for her. Imagine having something you do every day and its being taken away from you. But Carol is a special lady.

Carol refused to give up on her dream. Give up on her routine. She gave us a call. Carol took us on to design her swimming pond. After working with our consultant, we came up with this.

C Feasey Render

A swimpond that is 13m x 5m depth of 1.2m…

Investment was around ÂŁ60k

We then delivered the project which took our install team (all employed by us) around 3 weeks to complete. In one month this amazing swimpond appeared.

But don’t take our word for it here is the client’s review.

C Feasey Review

Below is an image just after install (so plants haven’t grown yet)

C Feasey Installed

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