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Swimming Pond Problems?

Are you an Existing Swimming Pond Owner?

I’m guessing you have clicked onto this webpage for answers.

You have probably had your swimming pond installed anything from 5 – 10 years ago?

The following has started to happen…

The water has gone green like pea soup…

The pond is thick with blanket weed…

The pond has a huge build-up of silt that gets kicked up…

Pond has mosquitos…

Horrible bacteria has got into the pond…

Its no longer SAFE to swim in

This is more than likely because it was built the ‘traditional way’ where ‘the plants do the filtering’.

Firstly, the plants can’t do the filtering as they don’t;

  • Remove silt from the pond
  • Remove bad bacteria
  • Only are able to use up nitrates IF the nitrogen cycle is working (which it wont be long term if the system is set up like gravel beds.)
  • Remove enough phosphates to keep up with how much is now found in tap water.

Swimming ponds are a huge investment.

For a survey cost of £1,297.00 you can get the UKs leading innovators and builders in the swimming pond space we can help you solve your problem.

First of all let us explain more.

Here we have provided a series of four videos what will show you:

Why you have a problem ~ Our solution ~ Our survey ~ The results and a Testimonial from a client who as a low maintenance swimming pond.

Watch part 1 where Michael explains how your current swimming pond works and why you’re getting pond weed growth…

Part 1: ‘Why Your swimming ponds has problems’

Crystal clear water…

Part 2: Do you want a simple to maintain system, which covers everything and guarantees a algae free experience long term?

When we came into the marketplace Michaels background was fish ponds and koi ponds.

A bit of a filtration and water chemistry geek.

Solving algae in ponds, first you need to understand why it grows in the first place.

Algae grows from two main sources of food.

Phosphates, and Nitrates.

Now pH and water hardness play apart but are easier to manage.

Dealing with these elements on a water chemistry level means we’re dealing with the cause not the PROBLEM!

Throwing in loads of blanket weed killers long term is not the solution.

Watch the next video which explains how the Michael Wheat system works…

“The Michael Wheat SYSTEM”

Part 3: Now let’s show you how we change your swimming pond starting with a survey!

Here at Ponds by Michael Wheat we have spent £100ks in research and development to get our swimming ponds functioning long term.

We believe there are simple practical solutions in our swimming pond which means it will out lives us all!

In the next video Michael goes through the steps in getting your swimming pond retro fitted.

YES, it can be saved!

We have now done this conversion very successfully on many ponds…


Swimming ponds Survey investment level is £1,297.

AND you can book them directly into our consultant diary’s using the link below,

In this video the client has a problem with their swimming pond so Michael completes a site visit…

See exactly what can go wrong if a swimming pond isn’t installed properly.

Fresh natural water…

Maybe you’re not sure?

You were promised this all to begin with after all.

So how about I show you a swimming pond which has been running with almost no plants (less than 5% coverage, Swimming ponds built the other way take at least a 70% total coverage).

A swimming pond that doesn’t claim the ‘plants do the filtering’.

One which even doesn’t need any planting.

And the water is crystal clear, beautiful to swim in.

In fact, let us show you, and the client tell you!

Part 4: See the results of a system that doesn’t rely on the plants to do what they’re not capable of doing!

Transform your algae ridden swimming pond today, book a survey here

PS If you are wondering the best time to get the survey done, the answer is now! Whatever the time of year there is a benefit to getting this system installed ASAP.

PSS Still unsure? why not give our team a call on 0116 2403735 or fill out an enquiry form click here

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