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 A must watch for wild water or open water swimmers…

24th October 2022:

I’ve just watched a great program on the lake district. It also talks a bit about wild water swimming…

The benefits, how awesome it is etc, etc.

In the same program it shows Scafell pike. Recently I gave this a go. About 2/3 months back I decided that I needed to make some life changes. I’ve lost weight before but once the diet goes back to ‘eat what you want’ magically the weight comes back on!

So, this time I decided I would change my fundamental habits. I would go for a walk every day and try to do at least 10k steps.

I was averaging around 3k.

The thing is with any exercise you have to find the thing that fits with your lifestyle and its something you can do as a habit.

Big Walk

So 3 months on and I’m still walking as well as 15kg lighter. I tackled Scafell Pike. It was really hard. But how much harder would of it been if I was 15kg heavier I wonder?

Brings me back around to wild water swimming. It’s an awesome way to maintain or lose weight IF swimming is YOUR exercise.

And this program shows it in a wonderful landscape, which can only be topped by having it in your garden!

Link below ( you will need an iplayer account to watch )


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