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Dry World Cup had positives – shame it was so bland…

18th December 2022:

Who would have thought the football world cup could have a comparison with swimming pools and swimming ponds?

This year has been indifferent, to say the least…

Finally, out of a pandemic

War in Ukraine

Queen Elizabeth II passing – God bless her

3 Prime ministers

Climate change and now sudden freezing temperatures


a Football World cup in the Winter because it’s in Qatar

I was reading the Times today and in reflection, on the world cup it read

“Dry World Cup had positives – shame it was so bland and lacked atmosphere”

I can really resonate with this

Somewhere in there is a great comparison between Swimming pools and SwimPonds

If you have been an avid fan of my newsletters, you will know

I don’t drink alcohol, I enjoy going on walks and looking after my health

And in my spare time, I enjoy attending sports events

Either Leicester city football or Leicester Tigers rugby

Swimming pools are great for exercise

a space for friends and family to enjoy

You could say the crisp lines and plain colours make it look a bit bland

And in contrast

A stunning swimming ponds

With beautiful plantation

And it fits lovely into its surroundings

Water features add the beautiful soothing sound of water and the lovely nature the swimpond brings to the garden experience adds that vibrant atmosphere…

Do you want a Garden experience that gives you a buzz every time you step into it?

For me nothing beats the atmosphere at live events in Britain whether its football or rugby,

Yes I admit the outcome has not been too great this season for both my teams, but that atmosphere gives a great buzz and makes me want to go back time and time again.

Just Imagine having that buzz every time you step into your garden

Its Stunning…

I know you could say I’m a little bias

but our Clients update us on a regular basis on how the swimponds we have built have changed their lives.

It makes me feel so proud

Don’t just take my word for how stunning swimponds look you can check out our portfolio to see for yourself.

Here’s a link to our website: https://www.pondandgardendesign.co.uk/category/case-studies/

or check out our Google reviews.

The sun is beaming down on the swimpond below could you see yourself diving into nature in 2023..

Family Swimming Pond

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