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The Story of the Dragon

A project full of sadness, happiness, tears, fire and brimstone!

Arfon’s story is. Truly magical. After all, he has been through…

To stay positive, rebuild his life, and begin his new legacy.

Having the use of your legs is something we probably take for granted.

To have this taken away through no fault of your own is a truly horrifying story.

I will say something though, In all our meetings with Arfon, he’s never felt sorry for himself. Never shed a tear. Always positive even though his life has been turned upside down.  

Arfon set Ponds by Michael Wheat with a mission.

He wanted a koi pond that dominated his garden.

He loves koi and he loves the water. An experienced deep sea diver and ex-navy officer. Arfon feels at peace beside the water.

He’s also a proud Welshman. He loves the dragon and what it represents. Power. Strength. Epic. Just like his story.

I could not be more proud of what my company has been able to create for Arfon from that simple request! And truly humbled to have met Arfon and had a part to play in his story.

Once the koi pond was designed and the epic waterfall was in place Arfon decided he wanted the biggest dragon ever carved floating over the water breathing fire! Not a project that anyone had ever attempted. Lots of professional people have been involved with the project so that we could create a truly spectacular show.

It even has jumping jets!

Not just any old koi pond…

The pond has the dragon floating in the middle of the pond, surrounded by jets giving the impression the dragon has flown in at speed and is ready to land. Misters set into the area to give of the effect off smoke around the dragon.

A total of 64 lights lighting the area with a flame setting to show the dragon off in all his glory shining at night.

While designing the project Divita our designer was truly inspired by the story and wanted to deliver as close as possible diving experience for Arfon to honour his past.

This is where the 2m wide koi window came from and the dragon’s pit was born!

To top all of this off a truly inspiring story for the dragon and Arfon will be played through the speakers.

The story is epic and a visit to this pond would be special for anyone! And it is Arfons garden.

It’s the most magical project we have ever done, and Arfon has given us plenty of artistic license to express our creativity.

We have been truly honoured to work on this project and a project that will live on the test of time…

Here’s a glimpse of the design…

Arfon’s Story


Arfon’s Story – Spinal Surgery resulting in Spinal Cord Injury

Arfon Hardy sustained a life changing spinal cord injury as the result of complications of laminectomy surgery. Although a laminectomy is a common surgery, it is a major surgery with significant risks and potential complications.

Prior to his injury, Arfon had had a successful career in catering in the merchant navy. He enjoyed his job and loved being able to travel the world.

During surgery Arfon suffered a spinal cord stroke, resulting in paralysis from below the waist.

Please read Steps rehabilitation page Here to read the full case study.

or View on Youtube.

Its a priviledge and honour to commission this project

Working with this lovely blank canvas we look forward to bringing Arfon’s dream to reality.

Watch this space over the coming month’s

Were we bring to life the story of the Dragon and a beautiful Koi-Pond.