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We are more than Ponds

Here at Ponds by Michael Wheat, we’re committed to supporting our local community wherever we can, including sponsorships, schools, memorials and organised events.

Here’s just some of the ways we’ve given back…

Swimming Pond Fun


A question we always get asked all the time is, “How far away are you?” That question can be answered quite simply: we are always right on your doorstep. Although our head office is based in Leicester, we are a nationwide company. This means our teams work all around the country so our community is all around the country.

Friar Lane & Epworth U13’s

At Ponds by Michael Wheat, we are looking to give something back to our community. So we thought what better way to do this than to sponsor a local grassroots football team? Therefore we have decided for the 3rd successive year to be a shirt sponsor for Friar Lane & Epworth FC U13’s.

Friar Lane & Epworth FC are the epitome of Grassroots football with several teams from tots to men’s Senior league. We would strongly recommend any keen footballer of all ages looking for a side to go and get in touch with Friar Lane & Epworth FC and they will be sure to point you in the direction of the correct side and manager.

This season gleaming across U13’s sparkling white home kit you will see our Ponds logo making them look the part.

A fantastic start to the season winning 1-0 in their new kit. We wish you all the success, fun and enjoyment for the season ahead!

If you would like to keep up to date with the teams’ success then feel free to check their recent results here on their Instagram page.

Community 1

Jordan Jozef Tebbatt-Borek

About Jordan

An inspirational rugby player living with the chronic bowel disease @crohnsandcolitisuk

We were proud to sponsor Jordan when he played for Sale FC Senior Rugby team.

Jordan now plays for Ogniwo Sopot who play in the Ekstraliga which is the Top league in Poland.

Playing in the No 6 or 7 shirt commonly known as a flanker.

You may also see Jordan playing for Poland (as per the image – earlier this year he made his debut against Georgia)

We are very proud to sponsor you Jordan and look forward to seeing your career progress in Poland – Have a fantastic season.

Follow Jordan with us this season on Instagram

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It’s more than just a job.

It’s more than just a company. It’s special. We’re a family.

At Christmas each year Michael & Gemma Wheat make a large donation of toys to Rainbow’s

” They do amazing work and it’s important we all recognise how lucky we’re, and those who are not so at this time of year”


This year we started our new Family Tradition “The Wheat Toy Shop Sweep”

The team have done amazing this year, it affords me the life I wanted for me and my family.

We always want to make sure everyone in the company understands there’s more to life than work.

Family is why we all do what we do. Having purpose is so important in life. Christmas is a celebration of what we all work so hard for.

This year we start our new family tradition for the team.

The Wheat Toy Shop Sweep!

The team was asked to bring their kids, or close family children, and pick anything they wanted from Smyths toys and it’s paid for by me and Gemma.

We also made a large donation of toys to rainbows, they do amazing work and it’s important we all recognise how lucky we’re, and those who are not so at this time of year.

The team work hard for us and our clients, we equally do all our can to make this the best company to work for.

A world class culture for a world class team.

It’s more than just a job. It’s more than just a company. It’s special. We’re a family.

Team At Smyth Toy Sweep 1
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