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International Swimming Ponds

It’s A Swimming Pond But It’s Built Better…

I’m Michael Wheat the founder of the UK’s number one swimming pond system.

You might be wondering how I’ve shown up on your browser?

Well, the company and I are taking the system globally. Working on projects across the USA, Middle East, and Europe.

What I’m about to share is of huge importance to you, I’d firstly like to explain the ethos of our company –

if I may.

I watched a movie last week called, ‘Joy’ starring Jennifer Lawrence. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about the American entrepreneur Joy Mangano.

Joy creates a mop that you can reuse again and again without needing to buy a new one. One scene in the film summed up exactly what we do – I’ll explain.

Joy went into a meeting with a buyer and said, “If you buy this mop, it will be the only mop you need for the next 20 years”. 

He said, “Why would I want to sell your mop for $20 and they never buy another one again? When I can sell one at $5 for 50, 100 times?” 

Here’s why this resonates

We didn’t create the swimming pond idea nor did Joy create the mop. What we did do is create a better version that is:

  • Built to stand the test of time.
  • A filtration system which lowers the nutrients so Algae and blanket weed growth.  
  • Easy maintenance with no professional servicing beyond the first 1 to 2 years.
  • A system that is safe yet handles bad bacteria the way a chlorine pool does.  
Swimming Pond Built By Ponds By Michael Wheat

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Our system is globally renowned, standing unrivalled as the indisputable leader. Its superiority is unquestionable, attributed to its unique and comprehensive holistic approach to water balance. This distinctive feature empowers us to consistently deliver first-class projects, ensuring water that is not only SAFE but also crystal clear and effortlessly maintainable.

In the beginning, I did not see any flaws with the traditional way of building swimming ponds.

As we gained our expertise in swimming ponds, we found many flaws. For example, the perfect swimming pond must take the following into account.

  • Water movement
  • Phosphate management
  • Filtration for waste management
  • Bad bacteria management
  • Water chemistry adjustments
  • Nutrient management of external sources
  • Tap water adjustments
  • Leaf removal
  • After-care plan
  • Electrical management and planning so it’s safe to swim in
  • Safe under UK’s regulations on outdoor swimming
  • Maintenance plan
  • Oxygen levels
  • Autotrophs management
  • Treatment plan (non-chemical)

Traditional swimming ponds might encompass 3 or 4 of these but they don’t cover them all.

Let me explain…

Swimming ponds have been around for a long time. Mainland Europe and America have been the driving force behind the wonderful concept.

The concept is to create a natural swimming experience without “Chemicals”. Encased with soft planting to blend into the garden. The original design of the swimming pond was to create large gravel bed areas to serve two purposes.

  1. An area for the nitrogen cycle to work so bacteria can live and thrive. To allow the ammonia to digest the bacteria into nitrite and then into nitrate.
  2. For the plants to use nitrate for food. Restricting the algae from food and thus balancing the pond and keeping the water clear.

This for the last 30 years is how they have been built (and then rebuilt.) However, there are drawbacks to building them this way, particularly with the:

  • Increased installation costs
  • Gravel areas need to be replaced every 4/5 years as anaerobic bacteria sets in as the silt grows.
  • No way of removing any bad bacteria or harmful pathogens
  • Ponds can become cloudy and or green.
  • Large area needed as planting zones need to be 50% of pond surface area.
  • An extensive knowledge of water chemistry to tackle current tap water and rainwater.
  • Water dye is sometimes used to help mask the fact it can’t handle the water chemistry.
  • Changes to modern water supply and the increase in phosphates are hard to tackle in this style of build.
  • Using sandbags which become unstable when emptying the water. As well as not looking natural.

What does this mean for you?

A lot if you’re considering a significant investment into a swimming pond installation – which we’ll go through with you on your swimming pond consultation call.

Firstly, to put forth our commitment to this process, if what you have read so far is of interest and you want to explore the system we have designed, we’d love to speak to you.

Our swimming pond consultant Tori is proficient in establishing feasibility for swimming ponds. Taking client briefs and preparing the early foundations of our swimming pond installation success.

I wanted to reassure you your initial ideas are in safe hands with Tori in the first instance.

To do so, we’ve made this next step as simple as we could for us all. When you complete the contact form below Tori will call, discuss your requirements, establish feasibility, and then arrange a time for you and I to speak, in depth, about your ideas.

Please note:

All swimming pond projects go through this consultative, design-led process.

We have made this process very simple for clients even though it is exhaustive for us.

Because of the level of time and expertise invested in each project, we only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

If your expected swimming pond investment is below £400,000 (GBP), unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist you with your project at this time.

What we’re ideally looking for is a client with a £ 1 million+ (GDP) budget, the reason for this is we have some grand ideas to create the best swimming pond ever built using the best system in the world (ours). Michael would love to work with this type of client personally creating the most advanced outdoor swimming experience worldwide EVER. 

Our lead time for international projects is 6-8 weeks for design work and 36 – 48 weeks for installations.

We look forward to working with you.

Not ready for a consultation?

Grab your free swim pond inspiration guide now.

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