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Wildlife Ponds

wildlife pond with a shed

Wildlife ponds as you’d stumble across them in nature

Transform your garden into a paradise for nature that will attract all kinds of stunning wildlife to your home.

Our team has already built hundreds of wildlife ponds for clients across the country, and yours could be next. Enquire now to get your dream pond project underway.

Wildlife Pond

Support British Wildlife

There’s never been a better time to introduce a wildlife pond into your garden. Ponds play a vital part in our ecosystem – they support two-thirds of all freshwater species.

But the number of ponds in the UK countryside is at an all-time low. The Wildlife Trust estimates in the last hundred years, their number has reduced by half.

By building a wildlife pond, you won’t just be adding a beautiful feature to your garden, you’ll be providing a home for the creatures who soon may not have one.

Soon everything from birds, frogs, dragonflies, and even hedgehogs, will be seeking a spot by your pond.


Why choose a pond specialist?

We don’t build cookie-cutter type projects.

So, if you’ve ever thought your garden is missing its centrepiece…
If you really want your garden to stand out…
If you are looking for a new garden experience…

We can help.

The most impressive action of the week was watching the team get the underlay and liner in place in storm force winds, whilst filling the pond up with water and skimming off fallen twigs from the lime trees on Welford Road – wow! It’s great being able to watch others do the hard work and not have to do it yourself!

Maggie Frankhum

We were delighted with our pond facelift, a key aspect of which was the creation of a natural water feature. This now looks amazing! The team ensured we were completely satisfied throughout the project. Would highly recommend Michael’s business for all your pond requirements.

Stuart Fraser

Are ponds that hard to build?

I once had someone tell me: “All you do is dig holes for a living”. 

They probably imagined this is how pond building works…

1. You pick a spot.
2. Dig a hole.
3. Fit a liner.
4. Throw some water in.
5. Done!

Except if it were that simple, most people would do it. 

Do you want an amazing pond that maintains its beauty for years?

Of course, everyone would. But to build a pond like that, here are a few things you’d need to consider:

• Will it be structurally sound?
• Will the water cloud and turn green?
• Could the liner slip and cause a leak?
• Has the correct liner and underlay been used?
• Have they used the correct stone?
• Will it be able to handle the number of fish I want?

And above all else, will you get exactly what you were expecting after it’s finished?

As pond specialists, we can turn your vision of the perfect pond into a reality.

wildlife pond bridge

Pond Design Process

Now, we don’t just build ponds. We design them exactly to your description. We plan every detail down to the last pebble. The design cost for wildlife pond projects we build is £997. Here’s what we’ll do for you…

Plan your pond

Our consultants speak to you to find out exactly how you want your pond to look, factoring in things like:

  • How much you want to invest.
  • The layout of your garden (our site surveyors will visit you and see).
  • What water and landscape features you might want.
  • Estimating a time-frame that best fits your schedule.

Digital rendering of your pond

After the consultation, our designers create a digital 3D rendering showing exactly how your pond will look in your garden before it’s built.

After revealing the design, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied before moving on to the build. If you’re not, we keep working until it’s perfect.

Why do we do all this? Well, you wouldn’t build an extension to your home without planning first. A pond is no different.

We make sure the pond we build and your dream pond are the same.

Pond Build Process

Once you’re satisfied with the design process, we move onto the next stage.

As well as building your pond, we always aim to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

You can sit back worry-free knowing that your project is in the hands of an expert team who have already built hundreds of stunning ponds.

There won’t be any inconvenience to you.

Pond Aftercare

Have you had construction in the past you were unsatisfied with? Have you ever had any work that’s gone wrong shortly after it was finished, only to realise the labourers responsible were long gone?

Then let us put you at ease. We don’t just install your pond and disappear:

  • All the equipment we use comes guaranteed through us.
  • We come back out to perform guarantee repairs and replacements free of charge.
  • We provide your first maintenance visit free with every install.
pond liner

Lifetime Guarantee

The most common issue which ruins a new pond is a leak. So our pond liners are guaranteed for a lifetime. If it ever leaks, call us and we’ll come straight out to fix it for you, free of charge.

Aftercare Team

Pond maintenance

We offer a variety of maintenance packages to cater to every pond. Make sure you’ll never have to worry about pond cleans or faulty filters again. See our pond maintenance packages ›

Latest Wildlife Ponds We’ve Built

We’ve built projects from £15,000 up to £350,000 and on each one we’ve worked to the highest possible standard of service and installation.
You won’t have to sacrifice anything in quality.

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