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It’s Hot, is it too Hot in my Pond?

28th July 2022:

With the record-breaking temperatures sweeping across the UK last week you may be concerned of the weather being too hot for your Pond. To discover more and some top tips please read on.

Last week for two days it was a scorcher,

and looking at the weather forecast for August…

It looks like we are going to have a little more SUN!

I’m not going to lie though,

Last week on my walks in the morning they were a lot tougher because of the heat.

So, will the HEAT harm your Pond?

I understand your concerns, you are probably aware…

  • Fish may struggle to survive in water over 80 degrees
  • Excessive sunlight is a cause of blanket week (Algae) growth
  • Water can evaporate
Wildlife Pond With Stream And Bridge 1

Creating a Garden Experience which includes a Koi Pond, Fishpond, Wildlife Pond or Swim Pond which will last for years on end takes a great amount of skill and expertise.

We have been mastering our trade over several years.

I would say this is WHY when creating a paradise from home

you do need to hire an expert because there are so many factors that can go wrong and there are also other factors to take into consideration like this.

My Top Tips to cool down your pond and tackle the concerns of your pond being too hot are:

  1. Install Aquatic plants – These help with aeration and add shade.
  1. Water features/Waterfalls – These help with aeration and stop water from being stagnant.
  1. Don’t overfeed Fish – excessive feeding can result in elevated ammonia levels which are toxic for fish.
  1. Maintain your pond regularly – Change or top up water levels, remove debris.
  1. Algae – commonly known as blanket weed.

              This is common in Swimming ponds as it develops in;
              Areas in full Sun
              Oxygen enriched water
              Phosphate rich water, and in areas it can attach itself.

YES, Swimming Ponds cost less to maintain


YES, there’s less maintenance than a swimming Pool

However, like anything, if you want longevity and stunning crystal clear water you will need to complete regular self-maintenance.

Blanket weed is a stringy type form of algae
So, my main top tip would be to make sure you remove it from your Pond.
Get a net or a long pole and scoop it out asap.

I would say doing this alone won’t get rid of the blanket weed there are treatments out there which can also be applied to reduce the phosphate levels. Stopping its growth.

If you require support with this, we offer a range of maintenance packages: https://www.pondandgardendesign.co.uk/pond-maintenance-packages/

I hope this helps, Enjoy your summer.

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