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Understanding SwimPond Filtration

Swimpond filtration can seem a bit complicated, the different types of filtration specified depend on the size of project and location the pond is being installed. 

Here, I thought it was important to talk about filtration and swimming ponds and how Ponds by Michael Wheat work to design a sustainable pond that you can enjoy year after year.

2022 Q1 March Blog Understanding Swimpond Filtration

Did You Know That In A Swimpond, Filtration Is Essential? 

Whether that is natural filtration through plants and gravel or a biological filter – it is imperative to consider the water’s nutrient balance to keep the water crystal clear. 

Biological Filtration Installation

We design and build our freshwater swimming ponds to maintain a state of natural balance. Biological filters with biomedia provide the perfect support to help harness nature’s natural processes.

The fundamental principle of a swimming pond is that no chemicals are needed, and fresh water filtration is installed that moves the water around, through plant beds, past UV light and through the biological filter box so the pond essentially cleans itself.

We design and build swimponds that use the natural purifying elements of micro-organisms inside the filter with plants to sustain clear, healthy, and clean water.

Nutrient Balance

Ponds by Michael Wheat fit a range of filters. In nature, the whole pond edge and plants act as a filter. The microscopic life-forms in the gravel and clay at the pond’s edge effectively filter the water as it passes through.

However, it’s not quite that simple when the pond is man made. We do need to give nature a helping hand.

In swimming ponds, we have to keep the nutrient levels low. We manage this by using a small pump to circulate the water through the filtration units. The filter has a UV bulb, all the water is pumped passed these UV rays. Doing this enables us to control the algae, hence preventing the growth of blanket weed (string algae). Plants also help by absorbing nutrients from the water. By controlling the nutrients in this way, algae won’t flourish, and the result is beautiful, healthy, clean and clear swimming water!

The construction of your freshwater swimming pond will be to the very highest standards of hygiene.

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