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What Is A Pond Ecosystem?

A pond ecosystem is a system whereby different organisms are dependent upon each other for survival.

Each pond has different qualities that affect the ecosystem. Algae is one of the most common problems that affect your pond’s ecosystem. Hence algae needing treatment regularly.

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What Can Help Maintain A Balanced Ecosystem?


With algae being a type of plant, allowing other plants into the pond means that the algae starve nutrients in the water. There is a large array of plants available, which will help balance the ecosystem and look beautiful in and around your garden pond.


Fish can LOVE algae. Koi can feed on algae if they are large enough, slowly and gradually reducing algae growth.

Filtration Systems

Filtration allows for circulating oxygen and the removal of any debris. Skimmers are fantastic for a pond as they ensure any debris (i.e. leaves, algae) or anything that’s blown into the pond to be collected before they sink to the bottom and decay.

If you need any help getting any algae or debris removed, be sure to contact our Aftercare and Maintenance Team on 0116 464 9640 and press option 2.