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5 Top Reasons why Winter is the best time for a SwimPond.

Ok, so maybe not the best time to swim. Although one of our clients goes swimming in their swimming pond EVERDAY in a bikini and woolly hat!

Client Frosty Winter Pic

We are all thinking of warmer days, light evenings, barbeques, the feel of nature around us, and a swim in our swimming ponds!

So, when is the best time to have it installed?

The answer is now! Whatever the time of year!

But frankly, WINTER TIME Is the number 1 time.

Here is a list to explain why:

No 1: Your Garden Space is Available

If you going to have work done in your garden, why not have it done while you’re not using it?

No 2: Water management is two large reasons why the winter wins.

A: Water from the tap can be a little hard. Rainwater tends to be softer. The winter months help soften the water. Hardwater can cause pumps and filters to seize so the water softening quickly massively helps.

B: Phosphates. Phosphates are what allow algae (blanket weed or even suspended algae to grow). In the wintertime, as the water is colder, algae grow at a much slower rate. This allows all the phosphate management we install time to bring the phosphate level down.

No 3: Wildlife

Lots of wildlife are dormant this time of year. This means all the work can be completed before they use the pond.

No 4: Water table

Some gardens have drainage issues they don’t even know about! Doing he works in the winter helps identify and rectify.

No 5: It will be Ready

Giving the natural water swimming pond enough time for the Pond to settle and for you and your family to enjoy in the warmer months.