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SwimPond Filtration

Did you know that in a SwimPond, Filtration is extremely important? 

Whether that is natural filtration of plants, or an added filter – it is extremely important to keep that water crystal clear. 

Self Cleaning Filtration Installation

Our freshwater swimming ponds are specifically designed and built to imitate this state. In fact, they provide the perfect example of harnessing nature’s amazing intelligence.

The fundamental principle of a swimming pond is as follows. NO CHEMICALS needed and a filtration that cleans itself.

Use the natural purifying elements of micro-organisms and plants to sustain water which is clear, healthy and clean.

Filter Installation

Ponds by Michael Wheat fit a self-cleaning filter. In nature, the whole body of the water acts as the filter. The microscopic life-forms effectively filter the water as it passes through.

However, it’s not quite that simple. We do need to give nature a helping hand.

In swimming ponds, we have to keep the nutrient levels low. By doing this, it enables the zooplankton to control the algae, hence preventing the growth of blanket weed (string algae). We manage this by using a small pump to filter the water through the shingle. Plants also help by absorbing nutrients from the water. By controlling the nutrients in this way, algae won’t flourish, and the result is beautiful, healthy, clean and clear swimming water!

Your freshwater swimming pond will be constructed to the very highest standards of hygiene. The standards we apply are those required by the German Swimming Pond Association (tougher than both the British and International Swimming Pond standards).