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 You DON’T Need a large space to have a SwimPond in your…

9th October 2022:

We recently received a call from a client who wanted a SwimPond.

They loved the concept of natural crystal clear water.

being at home with Nature, and habitat for Wildlife.

Having somewhere to exercise


something for all their friends and family to enjoy.

However, they believed to have such a thing of beauty with plants and water they would require

a VERY LARGE space.

A space which was at least 30 / 70 split water to plant ratio.

It has taken us years of research and investment however we can Deliver a crystal clear SwimPond

BESPOKE to our client’s vision.

If this means our client wants a SwimPond in a tight space.

We can deliver this.

Here’s an example of one we have designed and built this year.

Small Swimpond No Space

Not all projects are 100% feasible,

This will be something we discover during our design plan stage.

However please DON’T follow the Myth that you need a large space and a large plant to water ratio to be able to create your OWN dream SwimPond which as crystal clear water and is a thing of beauty.

Because you can create a beautiful swimming pond even if you have smaller tight spaces

and we are here to help if you do wish to create a DREAM SwimPond.

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