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Where do I start…

17th July 2022:

You are embarking on a journey to turn a dream into reality.

Recently I’ve made some changes. Change is always good. I’ve decided I must take my health seriously. So EVERY morning I’m going on a walk. Its about a 4 mile route. I’m doing this because I want to be healthier, think clearer. The picture below is me on my walk with one of the twins! That’s my WHY.


I understand that change can be daunting, distant, and scary. There can be bumps in the road on your journey if you are not focused on your why. So, we talk about your journey and how to stay focused helping you create a dream SwimPond or Pond for your garden experience.

So, where do I start?
I know you may have started your journey otherwise you wouldn’t be receiving these emails and you may have already received our inspiration guide.
But ultimately what triggered you to Start your journey in creating a dream garden experience?

Was it…

To create a haven for Wildlife?

For exercise?

For health?

To convert an empty space into a thing of beauty?
To create a space for friends and family to enjoy?

Start with your Purpose, Your Why

I’ve recently started exercising again

There were lots of reasons such as feeling tired, losing concentration etc.

But the more I looked at it and myself…

I want to improve my health for my family,
I want to spend more time with them.
So, when things get tough in the gym or when I do a long run,
I know my focus!
My Purpose!
My, Why!
And I’m loving getting healthy and spending more valuable time with my family.

Barry Michael

So, if your goal is to create a Stunning Pond,

What triggered it?
What’s the purpose?
Why do you want to do it?

Always refer to this when you lose sight of your end goal! It will help you stay focused like it as with myself.

If you are looking to Convert a Dream into a Reality – Your First step should be to start with Your Why!

Your Next step should be to find some inspiration so you can create your vision
You can download our Inspiration guide which covers all types of Ponds and SwimPonds. We also post lots of content and pictures of previous projects we have completed across all our social platforms the links are below.


Is your project Feasible? Can you do a sense check yourself?

  • Do you need Planning permission? Well, only if your property is listed or in AONB (We can help you with this if you do)
  • Is there suitable access
  • What is the topography
  • What type of soil is in the garden area?

These are all factors which can add cost to your project and time.


Are You ready to Invest,

  • You have the above information,
  • You have a budget to invest in such a project.

If so,

We suggest taking some pictures and now consulting with an expert like us.


Invest in an expert to complete your project.

You will have received an approximate quote and you are now ready to invest.

Hire an expert. A project of this scale which will make a difference in your life and the purpose means so much to you.

There are so many elements which can go wrong so you are better off hiring an expert.

If you choose us to complete your Garden experience we complete your vision with your purpose at the forefront, so you stay focused.

The below is a design of a project we installed and the purpose of their project was to have a swimming pond for their family to enjoy.

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