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It’s saying online that a pond should cost £7,000, why do ours start from £25,000+?

12th June 2022:

Hello it’s me again!

I do love writing these emails and I find inspiration from everywhere. Recently I made a big purchase…

I love Coffee! Love it. I mean really love it. Love it like Boris loves a party.

When we moved house, I had a professional machine installed in the kitchen. I grind my own beans then use my machine. I started visiting a local coffee shop called Coffee Obsessive.

No matter what I tried I could not get my coffee to their standard/taste. I said to him one day

It’s just hot water running through beans why is it so different?”

Better machines extract more from the coffee than cheaper ones. They’re made for the job.

Now, looking back at me saying this, he might as well have replied

“But all you do is dig holes, why do your ponds cost so much more?”

Personally, I get excited when someone says this. I love showing them why. Getting my spreadsheets out and proving why we need to charge what we do.

Look at the image below, this shows all the working plans we give our team to build a small wildlife pond. I mean, I’m pretty sure we’re the only company that goes into this much detail. This guarantees we get it right. Every job has a project manager that focuses on that project making sure plans are followed.

Tech Drawings

The answer hit me in the face though. We charge more because we deliver more. We guarantee the installation. We maintain the equipment. We have an aftercare department for this reason!

We operate the company on a between 8% to 12% net profit. Not greedy.

So, what did I do about the coffee machine? I purchased a semi-professional machine and YES it tastes incredible.

Yes its better…

Yes it cost thousands more…

But I love it and it’s my money so why not?

I can get a cheaper machine and save some money but will I ever be truly happy with half the product even if its half the price…

Our ponds don’t just cost more because they need to,


they cost more because they’re worth it.

PS I am rubbish at the milk part though. I can just about do a heart.

PSS Our ponds are great in every way!

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