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Is the water in Swimming Ponds Too Cold?

8th June 2022:

In this article, we address the elephant in the room. The water is too cold for me and my family to swim and play in.

Have you experienced a COLD shower in your school days?

I can recalculate

It takes your breath away.

If only back in my school days I was introduced to Wim Hof and knew that it’s all about the first 20 sec’s and controlling your breathing and then it’s easy!!!!!!

Rather than breaking records for the quickest shower.

To answer the elephant in the room. Is the water too cold?

In Autumn and Winter, we would recommend wearing a wetsuit if you are going to swim in your swimpond.
However. From mid-spring through to autumn so approx. 5-6 months the temperature in your swimpond will be between 24-26 degrees C. So, an ideal temperature for you to swim or have fun with your friends and family.

This is not to say you cannot swim in colder water there are numerous health benefits to swimming in natural water. You can see these in our blog “Benefits of cold-water swimming”.  https://www.pondandgardendesign.co.uk/resources/the-benefits-of-coldwater-swimming

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Also, SwimPonds are fresh natural water which is not as harsh and more comfortable on your skin.
So, what might feel cold in chlorinated water at 22 degrees Celsius will actually feel comfortable in a natural water swimming pond so you will be surprised.

Our clients say it can be cold at first but once you have dipped your toe it is fine.

Can you heat your SwimPond?
Yes, you can….
To obtain a whole year around the heat of between 24-28 degrees
you can heat the SwimPond and maintain healthy plants.

We would recommend trying out a swim in a Swimpond first before you build your own. If, you require your Swimpond to be heated the pipes will need to be installed at the start of the build so, it is not something we recommend installing after you have had a SwimPond installed.

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