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I don’t agree with ecologists – about filters.

31st July 2022:

Before I start any fights…

I love ecologists. They do a wonderful job protecting wildlife.

And in the most part we agree on most subjects…

And maybe not all ecologists hold the same opinion. Mine is also subjective based on 11 years of building over 2000 ponds.

I believe all ponds (except clay lined ponds) are better off with a filter.

I said it.

I spoke to an ecologist last week. She told me that ponds shouldn’t have them as they’re not natural. Nature doesn’t have a filter and pump.

“But most wild ponds without intervention get a build-up of silt and one day will proceed to not be a pond and be filled with sludge.” I said.

She said “My mother has had a pond for years without a pump and filter and its fine.

All she does is net the leaves every winter”

I said “I don’t think pond nets are natural or from nature!”

Ask Gemma, pointless arguing with me!

The thing is, technology can make wildlife better and easier. I had another, that told me that a filter would remove wildlife from the pond.

I asked what research had been done to prove that? NONE.

We have installed so many ponds and wildlife has been in them just weeks after install. We have examples of installing brand new ponds and a couple of weeks later they had great crested newts in them!

Wildlife Pond

Filters help with de-silting the pond.
UVs help killing green suspended algae and killing harmful bacteria.
Pumps keep the water moving and stop the pond from going stagnant. (Something which is extremely important on those hot days!!!)
Ponds with technology make ponds better!

I’m a huge advocate for filtering ponds and the advantages for wildlife and us!

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