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How a swimpond can help living with Lyme disease

July 9th 2022:

This story is emotional. Melinda is a very special client of ours. And came to us for a very important reason. I’m going to do my best to put this story into words.

Melinda has Lymes disease. For those that are not sure what this is here is a brief description.

“Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migraines. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Lyme disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings (e.g., rash), and the possibility of exposure to infected ticks.”

Lymes disease isn’t that well understood. Melinda has Lyme disease, a bacterial illness that has a whole raft of symptoms from fatigue, headaches and joint pain to problems with your heart and nervous system.  It is known for being spread by ticks and is often misdiagnosed.
After having the disease for 12 years, Melinda was able to get treatment from a clinic in the UK which turned her life around as her symptoms had been getting steadily worse.  Having been ill for so long, you are unlikely to recover from Lyme disease, but you can improve.
So since being at the clinic Melinda has been exploring ways to assist her health from various quarters including pharmaceutical and natural treatments.
On this journey she started cold water swimming in her local river and was surprised how much it temporarily took the aching away and gave her a little more energy as well as moderating other symptoms.
This was not altogether a surprise as she knew that cold water has been found to help with several functions including:

·       Boosting your immune system

·       Endorphin release

·       Healing bones

·       Healing muscles

·       Pain relief
This has been a boost for Melinda as living with the disease is very tiring.  Some days she just gets to feed the dog and put the wash on before returning to bed.  On better days she may not be exhausted until midday or one o’clock.
However, if she went cold water swimming she found that she had more ‘good’ days and could stay up and get more done, sometimes into the afternoon.
Wishing to understand more about why the swimming was making a difference she discovered that if you swim in the sea, a river or lake, you also get rid of free radicals that cause or prolong disease due to the electrons that get passed from the earth to your body though the water.  This is a form of detoxification which explained why she felt better after swimming because it reduced the bacterial load that she carried.  Therefore, she asked us to fit earthing rods in the pond to provide her with an extra boost to her health every time she swam in it.
We spoke to Melinda recently about how she is finding the pond and she said:
“I loved it from the beginning – including when 3.5 degrees in the middle of winter!  Every day the experience just gets better and better (if that is possible as it is so good anyway).  It is a source of great joy to swim in as well as fascination as you watch it develop and mature.  For example, our first pair of dragon flies have just appeared.  Frankly, I could never look a normal swimming pool in the face again.  Some friends are totally mystified as to why I would want to swim in a pond whilst others are totally entranced and love coming to join me.  Having said how cold it can get, at the moment it is ridiculously warm at about 27 degrees which for me just means I can stay in and enjoy it even longer.  Thank you to the team for building such a thing of beauty.”

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A Swimpond that is 16m x 9m depth of 1.5m…

Investment was around £90k

Below is an image 1 year after the installation

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