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Do you really swim with FROGS?

June 7th 2022:

One of the many benefits of a Swimming Pond is the beautiful attraction it can be for Wildlife, but what Wildlife will it attract, discover more….

Frog Image

Sorry! Unfortunately, you won’t be Swimming with Frogs!

Frogs like still water and they don’t like deep swimming water as there’s nowhere for them to hide and there are very few food resources.

Will your Swimming Pond attract Frogs?
Yes, it can.
You may see them around your marginal areas which will help as they will find food from insects etc.
Frogs don’t tend to hang around for long and they don’t like warm temperatures. SwimPonds can reach 22-28 degrees in the spring to summer months.
So, in the likelihood, you do see frogs around your pond it will be good for the ecosystem however don’t worry you won’t be receiving some new swimming friends.

I hope you are not disappointed that you won’t be swimming with frogs?

Your SwimPond will attract an array of wildlife to your Garden experience so, you will also be able to enjoy
Waterboatmen helping your ecosystem
Dragonflies darting above the surface,
Wild birds drinking and bathing in your crystal clear SwimPond water…

Our friends at the Garden Design Co who supported us with
our Award-winning Show Garden at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2022
have created an article giving you their top tips on how to bring wildlife to your garden. It’s a great read if you are looking to encourage more wildlife to your garden.

Click the link Here

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