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Do Something WILD in 2022 and in your Own Garden!

5th April 2022:

Wild Swimming is THE hobby for mental well-being and exercise, and you can do it in your OWN Garden.

I know, it can be cold…

I don’t like the cold…

You probably don’t like the cold!

However! Open water swimming can simply change your life. Jacqui Wise is an experienced open water swimmer. She swims in the North Sea which can be at near zero in the winter never gets above 13C, yes you are correct I said 13C maximum!

And here is what she said…

“When you go wild swimming, it feels like all your worries are washed away,” says Bostock, who regularly swims in the North Sea where the temperature rarely gets above 13°C. “The cold means you have to concentrate on controlling your breathing and settling into a swimming rhythm. It is a good way to completely empty your mind as you can’t think about anything else.”

When you get out of the water your skin is tingling and you get a mental buzz, enthuses Bostock, who admits she was initially nervous. “Regularly challenging myself in the sea means that I feel less fearful of other everyday challenges,” she says.
What’s amazing about the swimming ponds we design and build, is that for most of the year the temperature sits in double figures. I’ve even known it hit 28C in the summer.

No longer do you need to have a big, tiled, concreate hole in your garden to enjoy outdoor swimming!

Article credit https://www.bmj.com/content/367/bmj.l6321

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