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Do I need planning permission for a Pond or Swimpond?

25th May 2022:

The fear of needing planning!

You decide you want to add, or change something at your property.

You get excited…Then the dread of dealing with the local council over planning, and the inevitable delay it will cause for the installation.

We have extensive experience in dealing with planning.

Firstly, every planning we have applied for we have had success.

Ponds of any kind add to the environment and wildlife.

Some projects do need to go through planning, mainly if it’s down to one of the following;·       

a World Heritage Site
a National Park
an area of outstanding natural beauty
the Broads
Possibly if the house is listed

If you have any of the above, why not get in touch with us?

Izaak who is our Planning executive looks forward to discussing your project…
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