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Koi Ponds

Koi Fish are a hugely popular addition to any pond, across the world.

What are Koi Fish?

Despite contrary belief, koi originally have a Chinese origin. They were used a food source before the Japanese bred them for their aesthetic appeal from the mid-1800s.

Koi varieties are distinguished by colouration, patterning, and scalation.

In Japan, the most popular variety of koi is the Kohaku, a red and white koi. In the United States, the most popular variants are the Kohaku, the Taisho Sanke, and the Showa Sanke. (The Taisho Sanka and the Showa Sanka are both red, white, and black.)

Maintaining your Koi Fish pond:

Koi are a cold-water fish but benefit from being kept in the 15-25 °C (59-77 °F) range. It's important to note that Koi fish do not react well to long periods of cold water temperatures. This is because their immune systems are very weak when the temparture of a pond falls below 10 °C.

Predators and considerations:

The bright colours of koi put them at a severe disadvantage against predators around the pond. For example, a white-skinned Kohaku is stark against the dark green of a pond.

Animals capable of emptying a pond include:

  • Herons
  • Kingfishers
  • Otters
  • Raccoons
  • Cats
  • Foxes
  • Badgers
  • Hedgehogs

At Michael Wheat Pond and Garden Design, we are working closely with other organisation to ensure that Koi ponds are maintained for future generations. If you would like further information about the installation or upkeep of a koi pond, please do get in contact.

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