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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Installed By Ponds By Michael Wheat

A Pool Company Dedicated to Homeowners 

Giving you a design, price, and swimming pool in

 3 months or less

You haven’t come to this site to know about chlorine filters…

You haven’t come to add value to your property… 

You probably haven’t come to know about health and well-being benefits… 

So, I’ll share those details later. 

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What YOU should know 

We know we’re not only providing swimming pools for clients because it’s a swimming pool.  

Let me explain…   

Our clients ask us for a place to relax and exercise.  

To play and spend time with loved ones.

To realise a childhood dream.

To make them feel successful.

To give their grandchildren a weekend home. 

Sometimes because they need to be forced to slow down.

The saddest is because they want to say sorry for not always being around when their children were growing up.

Your secret is safe with us.

We’re here to help – fast.  

Natural Swimming Pool
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Where does one start with finding a swimming pool contractor?

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Word of mouth

Wherever you start, you’ll find hundreds of swimming pool companies to choose from and we’re aware we are one of many.

So, what makes Pools by Michael Wheat different…  

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Why would you choose us?

Why not succumb to the temptation of getting as many prices as possible, and then choose the one you like best.

Because you and I both know cost is only a small part of the decision-making process. The biggest small part, but it’s still a small part.

A swimming pool installed professionally WILL be in the tens of thousands… £80,000 at least.

Is it £80,000+ invested? Yes.

Is it £80,000+ added value to your property? Yes.

All those yeses and more.

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Yet, that’s not enough if you get these things wrong.  

  • You don’t find the right company for the job 
  • You hire someone who isn’t compliant and up to the job 
  • You start the project without investing in a design
  • You attempt to project manage it yourself
  • You accept a price quote without deadline penalties
  • You accept an estimate and not full and final pricing
  • You hire someone without an aftercare service 

“Now I’m scared” 

You shouldn’t be.

None of the above should frighten you. It should give you the foundation to make the right decision. A checklist if you will… of all the pitfalls to avoid. 

Allow us to share more information with you. It’ll be our pleasure.  

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Ponds By Michael Wheat Design

Ready to get started on your Pool Design?

Our swimming pool design service is ONLY £1797.00 including VAT.

Your pool design includes:

A complete site survey to check for:  

  • The access to your pool and for our deliveries.
  • Obstacles for installation.
  • Detailing on the pool to ensure we use the best method to complete the job.
  • Accurate measurements.
  • A review of the current water quality.
  • Information for RAMs and a method statement.
  • A material match with any existing features in the space. 
Ponds By Michael Wheat  Design
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Accurate quantitative surveying to ensure: 

  • A detailed feasibility study for accurate costings. 
  • A detailed breakdown of materials used to fit in with your landscape. 
  • Technical drawings for the creation of the project including dig-out plans. 
  • Full technical research and findings for pump, filtration, and equipment. 
  • CAD cross-section drawings for installation purposes (when the job goes ahead). 
  • A dedicated swimming pool consultant to update you on the progress of your design work 
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A design and reveal to show you:

  • A fully rendered 3D drawing. Which is the visual representation of how the pool will look in your garden.  
  • Everything about how we’ll tackle the project, including the equipment we’ll be using. 
  • Information of company guarantees as standard.

By contacting us now you are ensuring a build for the summer. 

Now is the perfect time to invest in your home with us. We can’t wait for you to get swimming. 

Not ready for a consultation?

Grab your free pond inspiration guide now.

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