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How to create a natural swimming pond – 7 key considerations!

Summer has arrived in the UK…

The other weekend reaching a scorching 29 degrees celsius here in the middle of the UK!

Were you, like me, thinking…

I could do with a dip in a refreshing natural water pool.


Did you go one step further and, furthermore, experience a breath-taking wild water spot in the UK?

Has it left you with a keen interest in converting your garden into an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty?

Imagine the soothing sounds of water gently caressing your senses as you take a refreshing dip in your very own natural swimming pond. It’s time to turn that dream into a reality!

At Ponds by Michael Wheat, we understand the allure of a natural swimming pond and the desire to create a harmonious blend of nature and luxury right on your doorstep in your garden space.

Whether you’re an experienced wild swimmer or, alternatively, simply yearn for a serene retreat, our team of expert swimming pond builders and designers are here to guide you on your journey to creating a stunning swimming pond like this.

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Now, let’s delve into the 7 key aspects you should consider when embarking on this exciting venture:

1. Location: Finding the Perfect Spot – Where Nature Meets Luxury

Immerse Yourself in Serene Luxury: Find the Perfect Location. Imagine a secluded sanctuary within your landscape, where gentle sunlight caresses the shimmering water, enticing graceful dragonflies and birds to grace the scene. Our expert swimming pond designers will evaluate your space and collaborate with you to craft an exquisite natural oasis that harmonises with your surroundings. Discover the ideal open expanse, free from dense foliage, as the optimal canvas for constructing and designing your exclusive retreat.

2. Designing Your Personal Paradise

Unleash Your Imagination: Exquisite Design Tailored to Your Vision. Creating a swimming pond that embodies your discerning taste demands meticulous planning. Our team of design experts will leave no stone unturned, skilfully crafting a masterpiece that captures your desires. Whether you envision a seamless integration of nature’s charm or, alternatively, aspire to create a modern architectural marvel, we will artfully incorporate your preferences, be it steps, ladders, or a sun-kissed beach. From a tranquil jetty to luxurious decking, we’ll transform your space into a haven for swimming or unforgettable family moments. Dive into the depths you desire, with or without lush aquatic plants. Trust our designers to bring your dreams to life, taking every practical consideration into account.

3. Filtration System: A Sustainable Approach

Experience Pure Luxury: Embrace Nature’s Oasis with Unrivalled Eco-Friendly Filtration. Bid farewell to chemical-laden pools and immerse yourself in the wonders of our natural filtration system, supported by cutting-edge UV technology. Our prestigious swimming pond company specializes in harnessing the magic of aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria to maintain pristine clarity. Revel in a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures your well-being while harmonizing with the enchanting wildlife around you. Our advanced UV filtration system acts as a guardian, eradicating harmful bacteria and preventing unsightly algae growth, ensuring flawlessly transparent waters. When it comes to aesthetics, rest assured that the choice is entirely yours. You can opt to showcase the elegance of the filtration pumps and UV technology or, alternatively, conceal them behind exquisite wicker fencing, lush foliage, or enchanting hedging—every detail tailored to your refined taste. Learn more about filtration here.

4. The Power of Plants: Creating an Aquatic Haven

Unleash Nature’s Splendour: Elevate Your Swimming Pond with Flourishing Flora. Envision vibrant water lilies dancing atop glistening waters, as carefully chosen submerged plants create a haven for aquatic life. Immerse yourself in a world where every plant serves a purpose, transforming your swimming pond into a thriving ecosystem. Watch in awe as butterflies gracefully flutter, dragonflies glide, and birds serenade, all enhancing your premium outdoor experience. Our esteemed specialists will collaborate with you to curate a meticulously tailored plantation plan. Every selection will not only serve practical benefits but will also seamlessly blend into the serene existing landscape, ensuring an enchanting harmony between nature and design. Discover the best aquatic plants for your Pond here.

5. The Sweet Sound of Water: Adding a Touch of Serenity

Embrace the Tranquil Symphony: Enhance Your Paradise with Captivating Water Features. Immerse yourself in the serenity of a bespoke swimming pond design, where the harmonious interplay of cascades or waterfalls not only captivates the senses but also serves practical benefits. Moreover, The gentle gurgle and mesmerizing flow create an enchanting ambiance while effectively discouraging wildlife from entering designated swimming areas. Experience the added peace of mind as continuous water movement acts as a natural deterrent, preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria. Indulge in the luxurious combination of aesthetics, tranquillity, and safety, elevating your swimming pond to the pinnacle of elegance and functionality.

6. Budgeting for Bliss: Understanding Swimming Pond Costs

Unleash Your Vision: Budgeting for Unforgettable Luxury. The irresistible allure of a natural swimming pond beckons, and we understand the significance of aligning your aspirations with a practical budget. Our esteemed team of swimming pond designers is dedicated to collaborating closely with you, crafting a customized plan that transforms your dream into a remarkable reality. From conversions to brand-new installations, our premium Swimming Ponds start from £75,000. We are committed to flexibility, and as such, if you can arrange for the groundwork to be completed, we’ll seamlessly adapt our approach, thereby assisting you in reducing costs while maintaining uncompromising quality. Elevate your expectations and embark on a journey where indulgence and value intersect to create an extraordinary aquatic masterpiece.

7. Consulting with a Professional & Choosing the Right Partner

Master the Art of Elegance: Trust the Experts for Your Natural Water Swimming Pond. Building a captivating oasis demands specialized knowledge and expertise, making it essential to consult with seasoned professionals. Attempting the project, yourself risks costly mistakes and the absence of valuable guarantees. Unlock the true potential of your vision by partnering with a team that comprehends your desires and possesses the mastery to transform them into a living masterpiece. With our profound experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to ensuring your journey is effortlessly smooth, crafting a swimming pond that becomes a timeless source of joy and enchantment for years to come. Embrace a partnership that epitomizes expertise, turning your dreams into an impeccable reality.

Ready to take the plunge?

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Remember, nature’s canvas awaits – it’s time to dive into paradise!