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How Natural Are SwimPonds?

So, it’s August; it’s gorgeous (most of the time) outside – do you fancy a dip in a swimming pool?

What about an alternative:

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What About Your Very Own Natural Swimming Pond?

Now, if you’ve been following our blogs for a little while, you’ll know what a swimpond is. But in case you need a little reminder:

SwimPonds are a type of outdoor swimming pool that brings together nature and swimming. This is achieved safely through pond filtration, providing you with a clean swimming area without the chemicals and concrete of a swimming pool.

But the question we get asked a lot is:

How Natural Are SwimPonds?

SwimPonds are natural and use no chlorine or chemicals.

They have a filter and pump to help circulate water. Plants are also often included to help maintain a balanced ecosystem and keep the water clean.

In line with that, we also get asked:

How Do You Keep A SwimPond Clean And Clear?

A filter aims to reduce the ammonia and nutrients in the water and prevent algae from growing. The work of a filter, in effect, makes it safe for human usage.

Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that form on all aquatic surfaces. Biofilms can be from the inside of the pipework or inside the filter. These biofilm microorganisms can develop into bacteria, fungi and protists.

While fallen leaves, plants decaying, wildlife waste, sweat and skin are proven to create ammonia.

Biofilms develop in areas with a food source and an oxygen supply and feed the pond water through a filter. This creates spaces where ammonia and oxygen can co-exist.

How Do We Tackle Biofilm And Ammonia?

The answer is good filtration.

The biological component of your filter will feature a large colony of beneficial nitrifying bacteria, which breaks down ammonia into less harmful nitrates, and then into nitrates which become food for your aquatic pond plants making your swimpond safe to swim in.