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How Do Natural SwimPonds Work?

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

And the answer isn’t simple

While companies use different methods and materials, the objective is the same: to reduce the nutrients in the water and prevent algae from growing to keep the water clear.

Some companies pump the water through the shingle that acts as a filter, some just use plants to absorb nutrients, microorganisms and pathogens.

How Natural Are They?

Completely natural. The plants absorb nutrients from the water. SwimPonds use no chlorine or any other chemicals. We use UV bulbs to sterilise any unwanted and potentially harmful pathogens. The mechanical pump circulates the water, a skimmer cleans leaves from the surface; and a biological filter to cleans and balances the nutrients in the water, the water is unheated and is completely natural.

00037 Pond October Blog How Do Natural Swimponds Work

How Easy Are They To Maintain?

More accessible than a regular swimming pool as the water doesn’t need draining – and there’s no need to add chemicals. It’s advisable to get an annual check-up, but other than that, the most one needs to do to prevent too many fallen leaves from gathering on the surface is to tidy up plant debris caught in the skimmer. The filter sponges and sieves take out any floating particles.

What Happens In Winter?

There is no need to cover it in the winter. The pruning back of dead plant matter should happen in late autumn. The filtration is left running, so the water is circulating, and nutrient levels are kept low. Sometimes the surface may freeze. This isn’t an issue; the pipework for the filtration and returns are beneath the surface.

Can You Heat Them?

Yes, but most people find that it’s not necessary.

After the sunny days of spring and summer, temperatures naturally reach upto 28˚C and stay that way until early September. Expect average temperatures to range between 19˚C and 22˚C. After a period of rain, it might drop in temperature a couple of degrees. Having a black liner installed helps to heat a pool naturally, there will be lots of shallow areas which heat up more quickly with sunlight.

Would You Like More Information?

No two ponds are the same in design or their practical site requirements

Call 0116 240 3735, and a member of our team will be able to talk you through our SwimPond options. Alternatively, visit our dedicated SwimPonds website for more information: https://bit.ly/34BPwig.