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The Importance Of Planning

Here at Ponds by Michael Wheat, we plan, plan, plan, when it comes down to our projects.

Without planning, how are you expected to know what your project will look like?

Although it may shock some people, there is a cost for our planning and design service. But this is because we put lots of time and effort in to make sure we guide you every step of the way and give you the best possible design! It’s an investment for you and is worth it for the quality of the design.

As part of our Design Plan, we give you your pond consultant to guide you along the way. They will be in touch with you regularly, whether you have any questions or input, or you want to leave them to it, to design your pond.

We also have our very special design team. They create 2D and 3D renders of the pond, as it would look in your garden. This ensures we leave nothing to chance and that your finished project will be as you envisaged. 

Without planning, everything would never turn out the way we (and you) want it. The price may be higher; we may have not enough materials, and we might have too little time. We want to ensure that your journey from enquiry to completion is the smoothest, and I’d say without any form of design or planning, this wouldn’t be possible. 

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