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SwimPond Project – Northamptonshire

The brief was to design and create a fabulous Swim pond that reflects the natural surroundings, whilst providing a wildlife haven

Our clients receive a site visit which includes consultation, site survey and a thorough understanding of the client’s vision so we can turn their dream into their paradise from home.

We then complete technical drawings, and 2D Models before then completing 3D renders to visually show the client’s dream in reality.
We are now 1 step away from completing our client’s dream the installation commences.

See the images below showing our client’s journey to creating their paradise from home and becoming the owner of a stunning crystal clear natural swimming pond.

Empty Space For A Swimming Pond

Concept 1
Render 1
Render 3 1
Render 2
Swimpond Build 1
Swimpond Liner
Swimpond 2
Natural Swimming Pond

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