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Swim in Style During a Hosepipe Ban

As the scorching summer sun is due to beat down upon the UK,

There are whispers of a dreaded hosepipe ban sweeping across the nation.

In fact, I was shocked to hear that a region in the UK has already implemented a hosepipe ban.

Especially when March was one of the wettest on record for 40 years.

Water scarcity becomes a pressing concern, leaving many homeowners perplexed about how to quench their thirst for a refreshing aquatic escape.

Fear not, fellow nature enthusiasts, for there exists a harmonious solution that not only evades these restrictions but also immerses you in the lap of eco-luxury: natural swimming ponds.

Discover how natural swimming ponds can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pools during hosepipe bans. Dive into the world of natural swimming ponds to transform your garden into a serene oasis.

How does a Hosepipe band affect people?

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There can be regional differences in the Do’s and Don’ts of a hosepipe ban.

If a hosepipe ban or temporary ban is enforced, it is recommended to check out the guidance from your local water suppliers’ company website.

In general, a hosepipe ban is enforced to stop the wastage of water, use water wisely and adopt water-efficient practices.

The hosepipe band enforces households to stop using a hosepipe for non-essential activities such as

  • Watering plants or lawns outdoors
  • Cleaning a private vehicle or leisure boat
  • Filling a domestic swimming pool, paddling pool, pond, or fountain
  • Cleaning walls, windows, paths, patios, or decking
  • Recreational use such as cooling off in the heat.

There are also exceptions such as

  • Businesses
  • Health and Safety reason
  • and there are also Statutory exceptions and Discretionary exceptions

There’s a lot of guidance on your local water suppliers’ company website.

Such as you can still water your lawn just that you have to use a watering can etc…

Information provided by southwest water’s Website

Introducing the Ecological Marvel: Natural Swimming Ponds

A Symphony of Nature and Recreation

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, there lies an innate longing to reconnect with nature.

Natural swimming ponds offer an exquisite fusion of ecological harmony and luxurious leisure, inviting you to embark on a journey where crystal-clear waters coexist with flourishing flora and fauna.

Unlike traditional swimming pools, these ponds rely on nature’s delicate balance to cleanse and rejuvenate the water, creating an oasis teeming with life. To ensure crystal-clear water all the time we also add a UV filtration system to kill off any bad bacteria. Discover more about our swimming pond filtration here

Defying the Hosepipe Ban: Why Natural Swimming Ponds Prevail

Environmental Sustainability at it’s Finest
During times of water scarcity, traditional swimming pools become impractical and wasteful.
But here’s where the magic of natural swimming ponds truly shines.
By employing sustainable filtration systems and relying on aquatic plants to purify the water naturally, with the help of our filtration system these ponds don’t demand excessive water replenishment and any water which has evaporated can be replenished because it will support biodiversity now living throughout your garden space.

An Escape from Chemical Clutches
Conventional pools heavily rely on chemicals to maintain water quality and overall cleanliness.
From chlorine to algaecides, these chemicals introduce harmful substances into our environment, stripping away the very essence of what a swim should be—a refreshing, chemical-free plunge into nature’s embrace.
Natural swimming ponds eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, embracing the power of biofiltration and fostering an environment where plants and microorganisms cleanse the water organically.

And No wastage of water due to needing a shower after a swim to eliminate the dryness on your skin caused by chlorine.

Not only is a natural water swimming pond better in times when a hosepipe ban is enforced.

There are no restrictions for us to install a stunning swimming pond so please don’t let this put you off!

First of all, we are a business (The ban mainly applies to households)


Secondly, on the website of the current region experiencing a hosepipe ban it states Statutory exceptions for:

“Filling or maintaining a pool where necessary in the course of its construction”
“Filling or maintaining a pool in which fish or other aquatic animals are being reared or kept in captivity”
“Filling or maintaining a domestic pond in which fish or other aquatic animals are being reared or kept in captivity”
“Filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain which is in or near a fish pond and whose purpose is to supply sufficient oxygen to the water in the pond to keep the fish healthy.”

So, rest assured we will be able to complete your dream swimming pond.

Embrace Nature’s Embrace: Choose a Natural Swimming Pond
Delight Your Senses, Soothe Your Soul

A Garden Swimming Pond Outside Of A Cottage

Imagine gazing at a shimmering, natural swimming pond from the comfort of your patio, the gentle rustle of leaves serenading your ears as dragonflies dance upon the water’s surface.

In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, swimming ponds provide a sanctuary for both body and spirit.

Reconnect with your primal self, enveloped by the ethereal beauty of a water paradise that harmoniously blends with the flora and fauna surrounding it.

Natural water swimming ponds are a great way to cool off in the summer without harming the environment.

Join the Nature-Loving Community call us today to start your journey.