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"There’s a pond in my new garden!"

When people move house and get settled in, they will then venture into the garden. Wild and overgrown, it’s like something from the wild African fields! Then they find a pond tucked away in the corner…

"We’ve never had a pond before, what do we need to do?"

The first thing you should do is check to see whether there is an electricity supply to the pond, and then see if there is a pump connected to it… Also, sit by the pond for a couple of minutes and see if there are any fish swimming around in its murky depths. Try putting a small amount of fish food in the pond, and see if this arouses the fish’s survival instinct? How is it lined?  Is it with concrete, rubber liner, plastic liner, fibreglass, or pre-moulded?

Once you have an idea of what the pond has and what it encloses, you can paint a picture of what you need to do. To work out how many litres it contains; just try this simple formula: width x length x average height x 1000.

This will give you a rough guide to how big the pond is.

When I receive a call with this issue; I go out, measure up the pond, check to see how many fish they have; then recommend any new equipment they may need along with a suitable maintenance plan. Chances are, the pond will need to be cleaned, so get a professional -like me, to do this for you. It is a messy job I’m afraid and is always easier to do correctly when you have the right equipment.

Ponds are wonderful natural living habitats that should be treated as such, and some care and attention will be needed to help the living organisms to thrive in your pond.

This all sounds like a lot of work, and you might ask, why bother? Well, as an experienced Garden Designer, I can tell you that a pond will add real interest to your garden and moving water gives the garden life, and will increase the natural wildlife activity in your garden.

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