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Swimpond – should you? Would you?

Why would I have a swimming pond installed in my garden? I think the real question here is why should I have a swimming pond in my garden?

A swimming pond is quite literally a “natural swimming pool” – imagine swimming with nature; no chlorine, no chemicals… just natural rainwater and you, swimming peacefully, surrounded by plant and animal life.

So, what do you need to bear in mind when getting a swimming pond? Well, do you love to swim but are sick and tired of stinging eyes, itchy skin, and having to trek to that stark blue rectangular eyesore – and heaven forbid something like that scars your beautiful garden. Sounds like a swimming pond might be you!

A correctly installed swimming pond’s natural filtration system works all year around to keep the water sparkling fresh and clean. And whilst a conventional swimming pool uses chemicals to kill off the water’s micro-organisms, a natural freshwater swimming pond is different. The job of cleaning is carried out by remarkably obliging micro-organisms which co-exist in a state of happy equilibrium with nature. Surprisingly (provided the main body of water is sufficiently deep and large) clean, clear water is the naturally occurring state in lakes and ponds. Freshwater Swimming Ponds are specifically designed and built to imitate this state and they provide the perfect example of harnessing nature’s amazing intelligence.

So, do we have to have a filter installed? The short answer is “yes”… but not the kind of filter you might expect. Naturally, the whole body of the water acts as the “filter” and the microscopic life-forms effectively filter the water as it passes through.

Of course, and naturally, it’s not quite that simple. We do need to give nature a helping hand: in swimming ponds, we keep the nutrient levels low. This enables the zooplankton to control the algae, hence preventing the growth of blanket weed (string algae). We manage this by using a small pump to filter the water through shingle. Plants also help by absorbing nutrients from the water. By controlling the nutrients in this way, algae won’t flourish and the result is … beautiful, healthy, clean and clear swimming water!

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