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Rill / Wildlife ponds - Stoke

This was the largest project the company had taken on in 2017. It consisted of a large Rill and two field ponds. We experienced many hcallenges however, the team worked very hard to produce an excellent example of what the client was looking for. The build for the house was in the millions of pounds and had different types of tradesman working on site. 

Our part in the project consisted of a large rill which ran down the driveway to the house. Originally the client wanted us to seal the liner which they had installed behind the wall. Unfortunately on further investigation the liner they used hadn't been joined properly by the builders. This would of meant the rill would of constantly leaked. We came up with a cost effective solution which in reality saved tens of thousands of pounds. Once the liner was installed we then covered the exposed side with stone and planted the rill. The plants we used would give the rill an 80% coverage within 2 years that would help keep the water clear. The rill finished near the house where it then merge into a seamless swimming pool next to the house. 

We also had two field ponds to line and plant. We straightened out the site and then installed the underlay and liner to the ponds. We gave the ponds a natural stone edge and planted them up. This allowed for the ponds to have a pH balance in them as getting pumps and filters would of been too costly on this project. 

It was an excellent project which was very technical, the team enjoyed the challenges and most importantly the end result!

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