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What NOT to put in your fishpond

Just a bit of friendly advice from Michael, to those of you with a fishpond. 

No matter how dirty, or green your pond gets, don’t try and clean it yourself, unless you’re going to be using professional pond cleaners! 

Disinfectants or chlorine will NOT work, and will harm your fish.

Here’s why I know it’s important not to contaminate the water the fish are in. 

Nearly 20 years ago my parents had just moved garden centres. We were now in our own place and needed to spruce it up to increase trade. They had a few fish tanks so I said to my dad “would it be ok if I looked after the aquatics and made something of it?” 

Dad said “Sure, don’t spend much money and make sure you bring more in”. “Ok” I said.

The first thing we did was start to spruce up the aquatics section, we got new tanks in, built a decking area and got some new stock in. Unfortunately it all still looked at little tatty. 

We had a ton of paint with the old stock we had took over from the old garden centre. So I proceeded to paint all the aquatics blue. It’s actually the same blue we use in our company logo today. 

I proceeded with plenty of vigour to give the pond section a good painting in between serving clients and covering the main shop. I hate painting, I do, but I really hate poorly presented spaces more. So I started, and it took weeks to complete. One of those days I painted over the top of the goldfish tanks. 

Unfortunately not talking enough care just two droplets of paint fell inside one of the tanks. 

Within the hour 4/5 little goldfish had died. 

I was mortified. 

But this taught me a valuable lesson. 

Water in a pond is their environment, like air is for us. If anything goes on that environment which shouldn’t be in their its poison. SO if the pond needs treating for any reason we have to be careful we don’t over dose. 

We have to treat the water like we want our air to be treated. Big lessons come from painful experiences. 

If in doubt please ask, and we will always try our best to help. 

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