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BLOG – Pond Plants – what are their benefits?

There are many ways to maintain a balanced pond, but using plants is the best solution to get keep algae away and make sure the pond is a great habitat for your pond. 

pond plants

Whether your pond is 10,000 litres or 100,000 litres, pond plants will help decrease the amount of maintenance to keep your pond clean. 

It also stops extra maintenance and creates a long-term solution that saves time cleaning, as well as the costs of chemicals and cleaning products!

Water plants consume the acidic nitrates from pond water, which would be harmful to life.

As algae require sunlight, water and nutrients to live, adding plants to the pond will altogether help combat the algae and stop it from growing.

Aquatic plants that have high nutrient uptake will be extremely helpful to clear up your pond, and they also looking stunning!

Water lilies are a common addition to both ponds and Swimponds. They cover the water, stopping sunlight from entering the pond and inevitably stopping algae from growing!

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