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Rebranding Michael Wheat Pond and Garden Design

Towards the end of 2017, we began the process of rebranding the organisation. When the company began, we took the name 'Michael Wheat Pond and Garden Design', and as the company grew, it took the name 'Michael Wheat Landscaping, Pond and Garden Design' (to incorporate the decking, patios and garden work the organisation successfully undertook). The company has also been ‘Michael Wheat Pond, Aquariums and Garden Design’ (although we have since moved away from the aquarium side of the business).

Moving into 2018, and as operations continue to grow, the decision was taken to undergo a rebrand, the largest in the company’s eight-year history. We are rebranding to 'Ponds by Michael Wheat' – with steps already in place to change print media, staff uniform, web content and signage. These will begin to be implemented in January!

Changing the logo and adapting the name of the company allows the organisation to be and feel more contemporary, fresh and sleek moving forward and as operations progress. Further to this, we are expanding our operations into the Swimponds market.

The decision was made to retain the leaf in the design for the new logo, that we initially used in our original logos. As an organisation, we have found that the leaf and the colours we have used in our advertising, on the website and our signage has become synonymous with the ‘Michael Wheat’ brand (with them appearing in uniforms, signage, on company vehicles, etc.). We found that the leaf has acted as our “brand” in the past – our logo – taking inspiration from iconic logos like Apple’s apple, Starbucks’ two-tailed mermaid, and McDonalds’ “golden arches”.

We wanted to incorporate the 'by Michael Wheat' aspect into the design for our new logo. While Michael is still very much the “face” of the organisation and attends most initial consultations with Pond Building clients, it is important to show that the organisation has grown (particularly over the last 12 months). There is now a hugely dedicated team of technicians heading to “sites” all week to fulfil the needs, wants and requests of our client base – with training and staff development fundamental in the way that Michael continues to run the business.

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