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The Problem with Plastic – Reducing Plastic Wastage

If you have ever driven past a tip, or a rubbish pile filled with plastic and other rubbish you’ve probably thought about the eyesore it was and how ugly it was. You’ll see today that Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the UK’s commitment to reduce plastic wastage. And not a moment too late – the dangerous consequences to our health, environment, and the future of people is at risk otherwise.

So, do you think the PM's move is the right one? Or just that little bit too late?

At Ponds by Michael Wheat we have learned to be kinder to the environment: to reduce plastic wastage as much as possible, and to make sure that everything we do to encourage nature and the delicate eco-system in and around a pond to flourish and thrive.

Now, we don’t pretend to be perfect when it comes to being our absolute best at recycling. Far from it, in fact. But there’s a commitment to ensuring that what we provide as an organisation is an ecologically friendly for the environment as it is beautiful for the client we’re providing the pond for.

As an organisation every pond build and design we create is sympathetic to the garden area of anybody one garden. We specialist in koi ponds, and understand that particular chemical balances, water filters and the like. In our Head Office in Leicester we pride ourselves on our recycling scheme and we encourage recycling, reuse and upcycling. Anything that we can, we use and reuse – and there’s nothing we despise more than unnecessary wastage.

Can one person solve the issues with plastic waste and recycle? The answer is a no. Of course it is. But while working together we can assure that we make a huge difference. With Mrs May’s findings, and news coming everyday that the environment is struggling why don’t we come together and do our bit!

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