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Feel rejuvenated by clean, natural water

You can put your home on the waterfront. You won’t need to pack your bags and move house. There’s a much easier way. With a natural swimming pool that brings the water to your home.

Have you ever wanted to live by the lake, enjoying summer swimming from the comfort of your own garden? All you’ll have to do is enquire now and you’ll get your stunning SwimPond built in just a matter of months.

We can transform the empty space in your garden into a place where you can be at one with nature and create memories that last a lifetime. Your friends and family will be excited every time they come to visit.

Now picture this… It’s a hot day. One of those where you can’t escape from the heat no matter how hard you try. Being able to jump into the cool, refreshing water of SwimPond in your back garden.

There’s no beating that.

Michael and his team transformed an overgrown, leaking swamp into a wonderful, well-designed swimming pond that really enhances our property and the enjoyment we’ll get from it. His team on site was reliable, hardworking, and kept us fully informed of their plans at every stage of the process. We’re delighted with the result and would recommend Michael without reservation.

Peter Foale

We were delighted with our pond facelift, a key aspect of which was the creation of a natural water feature. This now looks amazing! The team ensured we were completely satisfied throughout the project. Would highly recommend Michael’s business for all your pond requirements.

Stuart Fraser

Why choose a SwimPond?

You might be torn between the decision of a swimming pool or a SwimPond…
Or maybe you’ve been planning for a pond and wondered what it’d be like to swim in it…
OR you might already have a pond or a swimming pool, but you’ve stumbled across SwimPonds and want yours to be converted.
If you relate to any of these…

And if you don’t want a big ugly blue rectangle ruining the view out your window in your garden…that needs year-round treatment to stay clean and safe to swim in.

But instead…
You’d prefer a natural swimming pool that seamlessly flows into the countryside and blends into its surroundings…
Creating a beautiful place for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. Where you won’t have to worry about:

  • expensive heating bills;
  • harsh chemicals filling your pool; or
  • weekly labour and maintenance costs.

If that all sounds good to you, then you’ll never regret your investment into a swimming pond.

How can swimming in a pond be clean?

A swimming pond is naturally filtered through plant life and a biological filtration system. The water is crystal clear and will leave you feeling cleaner after swimming than any chlorinated pool would.

Won’t it be too cold to swim in?

There’s really no need for expensive heating (although it is an option if you’d like it). In the summer, SwimPonds generally sit between 26 and 29 degrees. 

We can’t deny that in the winter and autumn, they do get cold. Although we’ve still had clients tell us they’ve swam in it every single day! But no matter how cold it gets, you will never have to cover it for half the year – as you would with a pool.

A SwimPond will remain a beautiful part of your garden year round. 

swim pond

Pond Design Process

Now, we don’t just build swimming ponds. We design them exactly to your design brief and the practicalities of your site. Whether it’s a natural or formal design, we plan every detail down to the last pebble. The design cost for swimming pond projects is £2,497.

Here’s what we’ll do for you…

Plan your pond

Our consultants sit down with you to find out exactly how you want your pond to look, factoring in things like:

  • How much you want to invest
  • The layout of your garden and how the pond will best fit into the space, during the survey
  • What landscaping features you might want
  • Choosing a time-frame that best fits your schedule
During the build

Pond Build Process

Once you’re satisfied with the design process, we move onto the next stage.

As well as building your pond, we always aim to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

You can sit back worry-free knowing that your project is in the hands of an expert team who have already built hundreds of stunning ponds.

There won’t be any inconvenience to you.

Our full installation projects can start from £60,000.

Pond Aftercare

Have you had construction work in the past you were unsatisfied with? Have you ever had any work that’s gone wrong shortly after it was finished, only to realise the labourers responsible were long gone?

Then let us put you at ease. We don’t just install your pond and disappear:

  • All the equipment we use comes guaranteed through us
  • We come back out to perform guarantee repairs and replacements free of charge
  • We provide your first maintenance visit free with every install
pond liner

Lifetime Guarantee

The most common issue which ruins a new pond is a leak. So our pond liners are guaranteed for a lifetime. If it ever leaks, call us and we’ll come straight out to fix it for you, free of charge.

Aftercare Team

Pond maintenance

We offer a variety of maintenance packages to cater to every pond. Make sure you’ll never have to worry about pond cleans or faulty filters again. See our pond maintenance packages ›

Latest SwimPonds We’ve Built

We’ve built full project Swimponds from £60,000.

We offer you the option to subcontract your own local groundwork team to carry out the excavation and soil removal.

This can bring our costs down.

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