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Pond Cleaning – Ponds by Michael Wheat

Pond cleaning is, without a doubt, the dirtiest job in the pond. So you can happily leave this one to the dedicated specialists from Ponds by Michael Wheat. Regular pond cleaning is essential to the pond environment in keeping it healthy and helping the surrounding wildlife flourish and thrive, year by year. We have all the equipment to the make pond cleaning a quick, easy and stress-free operation.

How Ponds by Michael Wheat Work:

  • We carefully place all your fish into a large container. An air pump to keeps them safe.  
  • We empty your pond and vacuum away all the sludge and debris.
  • We thoroughly clean your existing pumps and filters and examine them for failing parts. 
  • We always use a de-chlorinator to make tap water safe to use in your pond.
  • We tidy up your pond plants, cutting back and weeding where necessary.
  • We remove any bricks that we find. Weird as it sounds, almost every pond we clean seems to reveal a hidden brick!
  • Finally, we reintroduce your fish back way they belong – in their sparkling, clean pond. While we’re there, we’ll answer any questions you may have on the general running or upkeep of your pond.

Regular pond cleans are essential to keeping a healthy pond – so, why is the sludge at the bottom of your pond (the smelly stuff!) bad for your pond?

  • It's unpleasing to the eye and can smell of rotten eggs
  • As the pond worsens, it can become a toxic environment, not only for fish but the surrounding habitat
  • Anaerobic bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide and are toxic to the pond and wildlife.
  • Normally it sits just at the bottom of the pond. However, it appears to be so bad on this pond that it’s visible on the surface.
  • It reduces oxygen in the pond, and particular fish need this to survive

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