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How to plant your garden the right way?

How can we make your garden awesome in the winter?

I often hear can I have all evergreens in the garden? This question is put to me because people want their garden to look nice all year round. However this can be done, but actually, misses the point of having an ever changing garden with lots of all year round interest (well in my opinion anyway!) There are some truly awesome deciduous plants that can give all year round interest. For example, the Acer ‘Sang-Kaku’ looks great in the spring and fantastic in the Autumn. In the winter it drops its leaves and has a striking red trunk, which just glows in the dull winter colours.

My advice is to dot the deciduous plants around the garden and don’t have too many clumps next to each other, this then avoids having too many gaps in the winter for the eye to be drawn too.

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