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Environment and Sustainability

At Ponds by Michael Wheat, we strive to ensure that we provide excellent ponds that, naturally, our clients love. But did you know that we also provide ponds that actively encourage wildlife to thrive and live peacefully?

At Ponds by Michael Wheat we enjoy special relationships with both Froglife and the Wildlife Trusts to ensure that everything we create promotes nature and encourages sustainability of plants and wildlife around the pond.


Froglife is a national wildlife conservation charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats. Froglife’s vision is a world in which reptiles and amphibian populations are flourishing as part of healthy ecosystems.

Froglife's Mission Statement:
"We strive to make practical differences with our education and conservation teams working on-the-ground to restore and create vital amphibian and reptile habitats. Together we are encouraging as many people as possible, from all walks of life, to get involved in wildlife conservation."

Animals like frogs, newts, toads, lizards and snakes face many threats, including:

  • Loss of habitat – Froglife are building and developing areas where the animals live and breaking up their habitat with roads
  • Pollution – particularly for amphibians who are very sensitive to changes in water quality, chemicals can be a big problem
  • Disease – there are a couple of really worrying diseases affecting amphibians, you can find out more here
  • Exploitation – with some amphibians and reptiles across the world used for food and other products, there is a concern that trades are not sustainable and can affect wild populations
  • Persecution – humans, tend to eliminate wild animals if they are perceived as pests or a threat to people, particularly snakes. This can also be a problem for non-venomous species, which can be confused for their more dangerous relatives.

Why we are working with Froglife:

Froglife’s work to conserve amphibians and reptiles in the UK is crucial, and their work fits into a global need to protect animals like frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards. They aim to make sure that the species we have in the UK flourish and will continue to do so for future generations.

The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts is a charity concerned with the importance of nature in all aspects of our daily lives. The Trusts believe that, through their work, nature and conserving nature should be at the heart of our society, and achieve this by standing up and working "for nature" on all fronts.

The Wildlife Trusts (made up of 47 Trusts across the UK) rescue and restore places for wildlife and people, and influence and help others to do the same. Each year the Trust aspires to reach millions of people and hopes to inspire them about wildlife and the natural world. Every one of the 47 Trusts is run by and accountable to the local people who are passionate about the wildlife and wild places in their area.

The Wildlife Trusts' Mission Statement:
"Together we have a mission to create Living Landscapes, to secure Living Seas and to inspire people to value and take action for nature."

The Wildlife Trusts' main objectives:

  1. Restoring wildlife natural processes – the Trusts are working to restore sites to their full wildlife potential and see the return of plants and animals to places where they have been lost. Beavers, dormice, ospreys, butterflies, dragonflies and juniper bushes are just some of the threatened wildlife returning thanks to Wildlife Trusts around the UK
  2. Creating future generations that love wildlife – every year each Wildlife Trust help hundreds of thousands of children to find nature and increase their confidence outdoors through family activities, forest schools, regular children’s nature groups and school outreach sessions, with the ultimate goal being that children go home with leaves in their hair, dirt on their hands and a "little bit of nature in their heart".
  3. Creating connected landscapes for people and wildlife – the Wildlife Trusts have more than 100 initiaitves around the UK restoring whole landscapes for wildlife.
  4. Helping people feel better with nature – the Wildlife Trusts run a range of projects across the country where time spent in nature helps to improve physical and mental health and contribute to a sense of well-being - from developing wildlife gardens in hospitals to woodland and gardening ‘ecotherapy’ projects.

Why we are working with the Wildlife Trusts:

The Wildlife Trusts work to conserve wildlife and natural spaces, as well as encourage the public to do the same. They aim to make sure the different species of animals we have in the UK flourish and will continue to do so for future generations.

At Ponds by Michael Wheat, we understand that natural spaces, wildlife and the eco-system are in danger, meaning that many animals are threatened with extinction and a number of habitats are at risk.

What to Know More?

It's simple. We visit you and find out about the kind of look and feel that you’re trying to create. We’ll offer our own suggestions too. Before long, between us, we’ll come up with the perfect design – your very own, unique pond to give you the peace and serenity you’ve always wanted.

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