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Discouraging Algae in a Garden Pond

Have you got that annoying algae or blanket weed in your pond? Fed up and tired of pulling out reams and reams of blanket weed, or looking at a green pond? It can be very disheartening, but there are answers.

Read on to find out more:

Why Is There Algae in My Pond?

Algae appear in ponds for many different reasons. The two main reasons are excess sunlight and excess nutrients in the pond water. Excess nutrients are caused mainly by overly well-fed fish and poor quality fish food. Algae’s such as blanket weed, suspended algae (green water) and duck weed all feed on these excess nutrients and grow at a rapid speed often over taking many other aquatic plants and choking the pond. Here are a few different ways to eliminate or reduce the growth of problem algae’s in your pond.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments are a great way to reduce all forms of problem algae’s and pest plants in your pond, especially if your pond is aimed at wildlife which other chemicals may harm. One great natural product that you can use to reduce blanket weed and green water is Barley Straw. Barley Straw has been used since medieval times to combat algae’s in car ponds of monks that bred carp for food. Barley Straw now can either be bought in pouches or a liquid form. If bought as a pouch this must be left in the pond until it has all rotted away. Many people remove the pouch before it has time to get to work. Another natural treatment is good old fashioned hard graft. Removing the blanket weed by hand is very effective and helps any treatments you do use to work more effectively.

Chemical Treatments

There are many chemical treatments on the market that remedy Blanket Weed and green water. Most of these chemicals have varied success on different ponds. It is usually the case that you may have to test a few treatments before finding one that works for you. A few that we have trialled and get the most success from are Blanc-Kit Excel, Pond Balance and Blanket Answer. Blanket Answer is one of our newer products and so far the most successful. Other treatments such as Magiclear for green water and CristalClear for Duckweed are also very useful to have to hand.

Electrical Treatments

The Ultra Violet Clarifier has been around for many years and is pretty much a standard on most garden ponds. UV Clarifiers kill suspended algae as it passes over an ultra violet light making ponds water crystal clear. Unfortunately, crystal clear water promotes the growth of blanket weed. This can now be remedied by the Velda I-Tronic series which eliminates Blanket Weed through the use of copper electro-mineralisation. We have had great success with these electronic machines and lots of positive feedback.

So there’s really no reason why you can’t sit back and enjoy your pond to its fullest potential without worrying about the dreaded green water and blanket weed.

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