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“Winter Is Coming” – How to Prepare Your Garden for Springtime

Winter’s here, isn’t it? A soft drink advertiser is warning us that the “holidays are coming”; snow is settling, and cars are being thawed out.

So, how can you prepare for spring?

It’s difficult, right? If it were wall-to-wall snow, you’d have a clearer idea of what you needed to do. But, as with the rest of the year, the weather in this country is unpredictable.

For me? The two biggest things you can do in the winter months is tidy up and attract as much wildlife as possible. It’s easy to forget weeds and rubbish when it’s hidden under a foot of snow – but this time of year it is important to undergo your seasonal tidy up. If you don’t, you risk, when it gets to the spring, your garden getting overgrown with rubbish.

Wildlife struggles in the winter, too. Particularly frogs, toads and newts in your pond., and to help them, float a tennis ball in the water to stop it freezing over – thus, reducing oxygenation and suffocation of any pondlife.

What is interesting is that business doesn’t stop in the winter months. Yes, business slows down with people thinking about Christmas festivities, but there’s still the desire to get that pond design of your dreams at least set in motion for the spring.


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